Sunday, February 28, 2010


Herr Doktor Gunther von Vilhelm, MAN OFF SZIENCE!!!!

Greetinks from der Israelcountrie, I am Herr Doktor Gunther von Vilhelm, szientist off der schteampunk varietien, undt I am not really real beink also an ego-altern off Herr Menachem Jerenberg (aka MakFanOffMetz) created especiallink fur Purimschpiel!

I haff googles, ein trench-koaten, ein hatski, ein cigar, gloven, really tight booten, undt a really schnazzie bow-tie! Also please to be noten: der VEAPONEN OFF DOOMERIE!

Fear me undt mine schteampunky hypo-schpray, puny mortallen! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! For I am Herr Doktor Gunther von Vilhelm, undt I bring you doomy szience off DOOM!!!!!

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Night Raiders: Israel's Naval Commandos at War", by Samuel M. Katz ((c) 1997)

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Friday, February 26, 2010


348th post

Ladies and germs, feast your eyes upon my very first professionally illustrated book!!

UPDATE: Sample chapter (complete with sample illustration!) available for reading here!

TODAY'S BOOK: "Hate You Forever: How to Channel Your Rage into Effective Supervillainy", by M.D. Wilson ((c) 2010)

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Saturday, February 06, 2010


Well, I guess I'm not immune either...

A few posts back I laughed at the inadvertently dirty language in a short story's narration. Since then, I chanced upon an old English project: a diary written from the perspective of a young alien on another planet. The confused grammar in the April 13th entry caught my eye, and after a good laugh, I decided to fess up and show that, yea, indeed everybody makes mistakes!

TODAY'S BOOK: "The School Story", by Andrew Clements ((c) 2001)


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