Monday, November 30, 2009


Five-Thousand-Hit Blog ;-P

It took a little over one year for Giant Boogers from Outer Space to get its one thousandth visitor. It took slightly more than half that time to reach two thousand. Three thousand was reached after six months exactly, and just under five months later the four thousandth hit was recorded.
Today? Four months, two weeks and one day since that last milestone (and three years, one month and twenty-five days since we set up shop), GBFOS received it five thousandth visitor.
So take a bow, Denver citizen! You got us here! And you did it while searching Google Images for, apparently, "backstabber". That entry point has gotten interestingly popular over the past four months or so; exhaustive research has placed it at the bottom of the third page of results for that keyword... but, as usual, I'll take it. As a matter of fact, Mr. Denver (or Ms. Denver, as the case may be), you narrowly beat out some fellow (fellowette?) from Mountain View, California, who visited the blog three times in succession yesterday in what was obviously a desperate attempt to corral the honor for themselves.
Down to the non-lies or damned lies: hits-per-day hold steady at an average of 4. After a disappointing four-month stretch, the blog hit a rebound with 285 hits in August (good for fourth-best among the past 12 months), followed by a whopping 361 in October for, once again, a new record. November, on the other hand, will need seven more visitors in the next few hours to surpass July's disappointing total of 129, currently fourth-least over the past year. (I'm beginning to see a pattern here: two months feast, four months famine... I feel like Joseph and the Multicolored Dinner Jacket or something.)
Discounting spam, thirteen more comments were posted here (for an average of one every 2.31 posts, not yet counting this one, between milestones), led with eight by Sea-of-Green. I added four more, and one evelynsaenz contributed another, just to keep things interesting. Slightly.
Along the way, I celebrated the blog's third anniversary, won a bumper sticker design contest and got my first ever big monetary payoff, graduated from my Computer Graphics course, got two pictures featured in another Youtube AMV slideshow, was quoted extensively in a baseball blog, and got a part-time job.
On to the next thousand!!!!!

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Eyre Affair", by Jasper Fforde ((c) 2001)


Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Two girls one cup

Don't ever say I don't do exactly what I say.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Help! I'm a Prisoner in the Library", by Eth Clifford ((c) 1991)


Friday, November 20, 2009


322nd post

Remember these guys?

Particle Man, Particle Man/Doing the things a particle can/What's he like? It's not important/Particle Man
Is he a dot, or is he a speck?/When he's underwater does he get wet?/Or does the water get him instead?/Nobody knows, Particle Man

Triangle Man, Triangle Man/Triangle Man hates particle man/They have a fight, Triangle wins/Triangle Man

Universe Man, Universe Man/Size of the entire universe Man/Usually kind to smaller man/Universe Man
He's got a watch with a minute hand,/Millenium hand and an eon hand/When they meet it's a happy land/Powerful man, Universe Man

Person Man, Person Man/Hit on the head with a frying pan/Lives his life in a garbage can/Person Man
Is he depressed or is he a mess?/Does he feel totally worthless?/Who came up with Person Man?/Degraded man, Person Man

Triangle Man, Triangle Man/Triangle Man hates Person Man/They have a fight, Triangle wins/Triangle Man

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Seekers", by Joshua Armstrong and Anthony Bruno ((c) 2000)


Friday, November 13, 2009


Randomly reprinted post (XIX)

"Ding-dong, paddywhack, Old MacDonald bought the farm, E-I-E-I-oops.
After eating in our Beit Midrash for the past 6-plus years, the school has finally organized an actual cafeteria for us, which opened on the new wing's top floor yesterday. The debut didn't do much to stir me up, however, seeing as how I don't use it anyway.
Ooh yeah, I'm pickin' up some real good vibes here. Yeah man!
So, you're doing a class project in Physics now, huh? What's it about? Uranium? Uranium's nice. You gonna blow anything up? Huh? Whaddaya mean, 'no'? Tell me, just what is the point of studying uranium if you can't make an atomic bomb, huh? Answer me that! It just ain't worth it! You're not doing it right.
Wakka wakka wak! Wakka... wakka wak-wak wakka? Wakka? Wakka wakka wakka wakka.
Let the bodies hit the ceiling, let the bodies hit the ceiling...
In Hebrew, we have a saying, 'Baruch ha'gever', which means "Blessed is the man [who trusts in the Lord]". However, in the case of my good friend and classmate Baruch, it would be more fitting to say, 'Baruch ha'Amish'.
It's a rummy thing--whenever you mention the Lady, she disappears, but when you mention CJ, he comes. (I'd love to tell you their names, but as you see, I'm in a quandary.)

TODAY'S BOOK: 'Hitler's Gift: The True Story of the Scientists Expelled by the Nazi Regime', by Jean Medawar and David Pyke ((c) 2000)

TODAY'S MOVIE: 'Home on the Range', from Disney (2004)

WWWW2?: Doctor Dolittle.

TODAY'S WEBSITE: You may have recently read in the papers about how the online video-sharing site YouTube was bought by Google for $1.65 billion (or about $25 per user). However, you may not have actually visited it yet--unless you used one of my links from previous posts. Well, you should! If it was ever aired or screened, it's probably there, and it also includes innumerous home movies. Principally, I use it to watch cartoons 'cause I don't have a TV; fave list: Teen Titans, Animaniacs, Freakazoid!, Pinky and the Brain, and Earthworm Jim."
--10th post, 10/23/06


Saturday, November 07, 2009


Amazing fact of the day

Prince Randian (birth name unknown), born without arms or legs, could shave, write, and paint; roll cigarettes and then light them; and was an accomplished carpenter to boot. He could also speak speak four languages, and he remained married to the same woman his entire life, raising a family of four children.
Kind of puts your petty complaints into perspective, doesn't it.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Amadans", by Malachy Doyle ((c) 2004)


Tuesday, November 03, 2009


319th post

Another milestone in the life of Me: I got a job.
Kind of.
It's a part time job. It's part time squared. And cubed. Specifically, it's for two hours on Tuesdays.
I've been hired by Judaica maker Azoulay Art Ltd. as an office boy/design consultant at about $7 an hour.
Well, it's something.
And there's a chance in the future of working longer hours and being paid more.
So... yeah. It's something.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Lafacdio: The Lion Who Shot Back", by Shel Silverstein ((c) 1963)

EDIT: Oh, and just by the way, Line_of_Fire is now The Eighth Day. Just so you know. Cheers!


Sunday, November 01, 2009


318th post

"Quite frankly, for a Mets fan in 2009, this year features the Series From
Hell: the much-hated Yankees vs. the Phillies, our current National League
bugaboo. Put simply, our best-case scenario is for the whole World Series to
be called off after everybody contracts pneumonia.

"Since that is not likely to happen (inclement weather conditions
notwithstanding--bring back summer championships!), I would root--if pressed
at gunpoint to pick--for the Phillies.
Sure, we hate them a lot now; but we
didn't hate them this much 10 years ago, and probably won't 10 years from
now. On the other hand, Yankee Hatred, and Yankee Fan Hatred in particular,
springs eternal.
Not to mention that a victory parade would be a lot easier
to ignore while occurring in Pennsylvania.
"Quite simply, I would be rooting for the (slightly) lesser of two (enormous)

The above message was sent to Murray Chass, who held an e-mail poll on the topic of Met fans' allegations during this year's WS. The emboldened sections made it into the article on the results, one of just ten quotes that made it in. It's all anonymous, but it made me happy!

TODAY'S BOOK: "The War With Grandpa", by Robert Kimmel Smith ((c) 1984)


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