Thursday, August 30, 2007


72nd post

Graduation pics from June!

(l-r:) Ilan Sivan (now in Moreshet), Natan "Nat" Weisberg (top, now in Othniel), Refael Shafir (bottom, also in Moreshet), and me--the only four boys in the First Graduating Class of Etrog Elementary and the Fifth Graduating Class of Sha'alei Torah High.

Ra'anan Rosenbaum (l, also now in Othniel) and Ya'ir Ben-Chaim (r, unimportant)

Me with Baruch Rosenstein (now in Shiloh)

Me with Yossi Summer (now in Ma'ale Adumim)

Once again, yours truly with Nat, my best buddy.
TODAY'S BOOK: "Star Wars", by George Lucas ((c) 1976)

TODAY'S WEBSITE: Not as easily usable as it used to be, the homepage of my erstwhile favorite TV channel (it's gone down the tubes over the past couple of years) is still your best bet for finding info on their shows, video clips from them, and tons of related games.

* EDIT - Stupid Blogger's making the pictures screw up the whole post. Damn. Oh well.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Posting from work*

Well, this is certainly a "first" for me: long-distance blogging. "Long-distance" being about half an hour's drive from my home, but what the hey, if you don't have your own car anywhere you can't get by foot is long-distance.
Here the dog is buried. The dog is long dead, and that is the bone of the matter.
My education in office-work grows by leaps and bounds. After further immersement in the intricacies of using a tempermental Xerox machine, I had my first stint (about 10 minutes) while the secretary was late at answering the phone; a task that bathed me in more sweat than carrying 6 boxes of books up two flights of stairs. Which I later did.
And just what is it with the goozy bubbles anyway?
First Blogspot enabled video uploads from YouTube by YouTube users. Then it enabled video uploads straight from the users' computers. I await the day they make that tantalizingly close logic jump and enable YouTube uploads by non-YouTube users.
The air-conditioning here in the teachers' lounge is lousy and this keyboard has a J key that looks like a U and the ח (on the same key!) has been mutilated into a ו. On the other hand, the air-conditioning in the adjacent secretarial office is Arctic and all the teachers look happy to see me.

* - If you call this "Work".

TODAY'S BOOK: "Tuck Triumphant", by Theodore Taylor ((c) 1991)

TODAY'S WEBSITE: Metstradamus is one of the longest-running active Mets-oriented bloggers on the Web, is excessively (and funnily) pungent in his criticisms and fanciful in his praise, and is the source I check for last night's Mets score even before my homepage.

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Friday, August 24, 2007


70th post

Well, yesterday was my first day on the job, and it was quite in instructive. Instructive, that is, in the by way of meaning that I got instructed about everything: the Xerox machine, the fax machine, the stapler, and what to do if you see a student playing with matches, wielding a knife, or exiting via a window. (Hint: it's Not a Good Thing.) I ate at 8:15, went to the school, and due to the unforeseen circumstance of the Orientation Day lasting far longer than I had expected, went directly to the library at 4:00, proceeded later thenceforth home, and had lunch at 7:20.
Also yesterday I was given visual proof of the fact that racial memory exists: on the bus home I saw a Black man with black hair, a white beard, a straw hat, blue Jeans, and old-fashioned suspenders. If you'd discount his footwear, he could have stepped straight out of a Down South cotton plantation c. 1850.
Wakka wakka wakka! Wakka wakka! Wakka? Wak wakka wak wak wakka wakka. Wakka wakka, wakka, wakka wak wakka. Wakka.
And here's another "Wakka Wakka!" as a celebratory signifier of my first visitor from Sweden!

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Name of the Rose", by Umberto Eco ((c) 1980)

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Thursday, August 16, 2007


69th post

I now have a real, steady job: as my one-year ben sherut service, I will work about 25 hours a week in a nearby junior high/high school doing office work and perhaps some low-scale tutoring, and about 15 hours a week at the local library--where I will now be paid to do what I've done volunteerily for the past 4 years.
Part of what a blog needs to be successful is to have links to it on the Internet; besides from me tooting my own horn on the IMDb and elsewhere, this is exceedingly rare. Thus I was pleasantly surprised to find the Dark Roasted Blend blog (which I myself put on GBFOS's Links list) putting my summary about it in their Comments & Feedback section, with a link! True, this link has only netted me just one more visitor--even a link I posted somewhere 7 months ago has added about 5 hits--but it's a person from Turkey (a first) who stayed here for 4 page views in 1:24 minutes, both not things to be sneezed at.
Our scanner is broken, the computer desk is broken, my shaver is broken, our armchair-recliner is broken, and our scales have been out of batteries for the past 3 months. Do you suppose there's an Appliance Epidemic in our household?

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Magic Bed-Knob", by Mary Norton ((c) 1943)

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


68th post

I feel right now much the same way as I did ten months ago, writing my first post in the Blog of Ultimate Randomness, knowing the contents of what I wanted to say but not quite sure just how to put them in words.
As I said at the beginning, I planned to post here random wackiness whenever life got too much to handle to get some weight off my chest. As evidenced my my initial seventeen-posts-in-one-month spree, life back then was pretty heavy. But now... Whoa! Hey! No no no, it's not like that at all. I am not, repeat, not shutting down this blog! (Breath easier now.) I will, however, sadly tone down the level of randomness here. No more sentences about marching weasels, cutting lights, or how to improve the taste of caramel. Thus, while the subjects I choose to talk about will be randomly chosen, their contents for the most part will not be.
So, now that that's done, I am as much at a loss as to finding an ending as I was with an opening (notice how easily I dodged that particular bullet?). Perhaps it is only fitting that I conclude this dramatic change in bloggage policy (yes, even more dramatic than this and this) with a random cry of WAKKA WAKKA!

TODAY'S BOOK: "Once on a Time", by A.A. Milne ((c) 1922)

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Redesigning the Teen Titans

Inspired by Todd Nauck's redesigns of mainstream-comic Titans (and some other characters) for the format of the Teen Titans Go! comic books, I decided to do a bit of redesigning of my own--mug shots only, though; I can't claim to be either as talented or as patient as Mr. Nauck. OTOH, most of my redesigns re-imagined the costumes; few of Nauck's did. Coincidentally, After I had started, Nauck went ahead and did some of the same characters I'd picked.





Danny Chase




TODAY'S BOOK: "Won't Know Till I Get There", by Walter Dean Myers ((c) 1982)


Wednesday, August 01, 2007


66th post (a.k.a. 65th post part deux)

Par for the course, of course. Double helix!
Oh tempora, oh mores, oh no, s'mores.
Relatively speaking, I have 3 brothers, 1 sister, 1 mother, 1 father, 2 grandmothers, 1 grandfather, 2 aunts, 2 uncles, and 10 cousins.
Two bees, or not two bees? That is the honeycomb. Tralalalala, spring is in the air, I am a flower.
Affirmative action will get you nowhere very fast, whereas utilizing gremlins' unique abilities could probably skyrocket the profit earnings and also win you a fabulous free coat.
Thank goodness I am able to post this on a Wednesday. I had already posted so many times in a row on Sundays that this blog was in danger of being renamed "Silly Sundays". ... What would follow "Silly Sundays", anyway? M... Mm... moronic... Mad! "Mad Mondays", then "Tripeful Tuesdays", "Wacky Wednesdays"! Yeah! This is a "Wacky Wednesday" post. Or, rather, not.
I have just finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in the span of one day, during which I also threw my final (18th) birthday party, in honor of my birthday which occurred last Thursday, and volunteered at the library for the first time ever on a Wednesday (today), because this was the first time it was ever open on a Wednesday.
Over 666 people have visited this blog by now.
Next in "Giant Boogers from Outer Space": a dark and stormy night... a plague of definite definitions... Terry learns the untruth... pirates battling robotic tigers... and no less than the ultimate fate of all of mankind! Don't miss it!

TODAY'S BOOK: "SeinLanguage", by Jerry Seinfeld ((c) 1993)

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