Thursday, October 05, 2006


1st post

Hmm... so, it's that easy to create a blog, eh? Well, well, well.
Welcome, everybody reading this, to the Blog of Randomness. When life gets too much to handle, I'll just pop in here and do something random to get that weight off my chest.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Forests of the Night", by S. Andrew Swann ((c) 1993)

TODAY'S MOVIE: "A Bug's Life", from Disney/Pixar (1998)

(This is going to be a regular feauture with nonsensical answers.)
TODAY'S ANSWER: Howdy Doody.

TODAY'S WEBSITE: If you're a fan of some sort of sport, this site is a definite must for you. Answer prediction polls to gain IQ points (or just express your opinion), create your own polls, and collect various awards. The site is currently in its Beta V2 version, which I find to be less helpful than the old one, but what the heck.

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