Monday, November 20, 2006


20th post

Twenty XX double cross no good traitor vile Carmen San Diego charging padres thundering lightning flash buzz bee antennae sensitive hyper quick so sharp you'll cut yourself suicide deep dark dank depression dungeon Aladdin monkey capering escapade Great Escape movie time review troops what a trooper proud parental warm hot boiling cauldron volcano explosion magma flow flowing down vertical horizontal plane takeoff spaceship rocket to the moon Apollo 13 unlucky Friday Saturday Shabbos holy full of holes sieve sift flour eggs caking bacon ham butcher slaughter massacre Polacks stupid dumb light bulbs banish the night away way away long way to go training fighting peace protection racket racquet ball serve net high up tippity top Pikes Peak summit meeting argument confrontation don't like Rex dinosaurs ancient medieval lack of knowledge retards mental case hospital infection virus bacteria cells cellular phone phony nickel dime quarter third half orange tangy sweet lollipop red rose flowery gaudy bright lights camera action movement sensor ESP especially such as like really like love fleeting fleet ships fish 'n chips French Fries fried French losers haha laugh joke riddle me ree whee fun theme park Six Flags Stars and Stripes bars prison jail inmate outmate in-law outlaw outlying lands of the realm map countryside hunt fox-hunting 20th Century Fox twenty.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Getting Old is Murder", by Rita Lakin ((c) 2005)

TODAY'S MOVIE: "The Guns of Navarone", from Columbia Tristar (1961)

WWWW2?: Joe DiMaggio.

TODAY'S WEBSITE: Everybody's favorite loser geek who works in a cubicle and appears in a comic strip has his own website as well. Get the daily dose, view past ones, get the lowdown on major characters and take part in the annual Weasel Poll.


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