Monday, November 13, 2006



Ow, ow, owww. Yesterday I was really most stornry happy: my classmate came back from a quick jaunt to the US of A with 282 baseball cards I had bought through him to augment my collection, including Jose Reyes and David Wright!
And then I was really unhappy: I went to the dentist, where they pulled out my right-side wisdom teeth and generally caused me lots of (ouch!) pain and anguish since then. And I have pulling out the other two in six months' time to look forward to. Oh goody goody joy OUCH!
At least it wasn't a root canal. (CJ in Season One of The West Wing: "I 'ad woot canaw.") Ha ha ouch dang that was funny but it hurts me to laugh. If I knew what the opposite of XD was I would write it here.
Currently I'm taking Adex and Moxypen for the pain and (ouch!) inflammation. I'd rather be taking cannabis and crystal meth, but rules are rules. One of those rules being Thou shalt not melt thy brains. (Ouch!)

TODAY'S BOOK: "To Race the Wind", by Harold Krents ((c) 1972)

TODAY'S MOVIE: "Mary Poppins", from Disney (1964)

WWWW2?: Richard the Lion-Heart.

TODAY'S WEBSITE: Play online for free or print it out and carry it around, even arranged in your own personal e-book--it's Sudoku, the logic craze sweeping the world that you have to get in on if you haven't yet. Plus, variations on the traditional 9x9 theme are available.


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