Friday, February 02, 2007


33rd post

Thirty-three thirtysomething TV show Law & Order FBI national security nonexistent state of non-being death taxes April Spring Training baseball hot dogs mustard yellow Yellow Submarine the Beatles Ringo Starr Wakko Warner Animaniacs the 90's decade decadent stinky smelly swamp bog log lump on a log lazy La-Z-Boy armchair sitting meeting Town Hall mayor leadership captain Captain Bligh mutiny treason execution guillotine the French cowards scaredy-cats felines lions and tigers zoo Central Park troll stupid low IQ retard I Am Sam Sam I am Green Eggs and Ham food nourishment narishkeit nonsense silly funny clowns laughing joke jokes and riddles puzzles mysteries Sherlock Holmes Dr. Watson medic sterile clean wash laundry clothes attire flat tire accident big accident war World War II Hitler 1933 thirty-three.

TODAY'S BOOK: "King of the Wind", by Marguerite Henry ((c) 1948)

TODAY'S MOVIE: "The Rescuers", from Disney (1977)

WWWW2?: Tonya Harding's bodyguard.

TODAY'S WEBSITE: Like YouTube except without the homemade videos (which is 99% of what YouTube is), Peekvid is the alternative for people looking for a site to watch movies and TV shows on without having to wade through all the chaff. Divided into 5 different categories, with many sub-categories within each one for each TV show/movie.


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