Sunday, February 25, 2007


How to be a decoy Rav Purim

Well, my class just held the traditional 12th Grade Coronation Ceremony, wherein the school's Purim Rabbi is crowned. The evening consisted of a play (that, to my utter surprise, failed to embarrass us) about the Rav Purim having been kidnapped, and the Esteemed Ukrainian Judge holds a trial to determine which of the four suspects Did It, helped along by the star witness, Sherlock Holmes, Jr.. Eventually eliminating the quartet (and constantly interrupted by hilarious commercials inserted into the proceedings via a pair of projectors and screens), Holmes Jr. concluded that the suilty party was in fact a member of the jury, who had napped the kid in order to get attention. While the play quickly turned into a high school musical, the offender went backstage to retrieve the stolen goods, which he did, dragging him by the front of the shirt and with a pillowcase over his head. At the critical moment of the song, with smoke billowing out of a smoke machine, the pillowcase was pulled off, and I shouted into the microphone, "I AM THE RAV PURIM!"
Quicker than it takes you to digest the clever sudden twist in my narrative (at least in theory, though in actuality the event was unconsciably delayed), shots rang out, and down I went; eventually I also went sideways, thanks to being loaded on a stretcher into an ambulance. After the ambulance pulled around the corner, I got out and raced back in time to witness the unveiling of the true Rav Purim--I was a decoy! But no matter, I got an all-time adrenalin high out of it.
Now, I know the question that's lurking on the tip your tongue (and if it isn't, it should be): What is actually so random about this post? The answer is... it happened on Thursday! Wakka wakka, peace out.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Freddy the Pilot", by Walter R. Brooks ((c) 1952)

TODAY'S MOVIE: "The Philadelphia Story", from MGM (1940)

WWWW2?: Stan Laurel.

TODAY'S WEBSITE: Don't let the rather unappealing layout fool you--this is a meticulously kept site devoted to telling the tales of all Jewish athletes from the wide world of sports, down to bullfighters and members of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.


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