Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Concerning the Crane Fly

Crane flies, which appear to be insane spiders with wings, are the Drunken Aviators of the insect world. Not only is their flying comically erratic, it's a miracle they have not yet gone extinct simply due to their inherent unfettered stupidity. Case in point: tonight while davening Ma'ariv, a crane fly landed on my knee during Shmona Esrei--just buzzed right in and touched down. All through the shuckling, bowing and stepping, it remained serenely undisturbed. When I was done, I commenced attempting to swat it. After having missed on the first two tries (during which it remained on my knee as though glued there), I finally connecting on the third go-around. Without it having been even a particularly strong swat, that dumb ol' crane fly fell down on the floor, dead as the proverbial doornail; at least now its physical state matched its mental state. Unless this crane fly was merely a spectacularly stupid specimen (which is quite possible), this seems to disprove Darwin's theory about the Survival of the Fittest.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Seabiscuit: An American Legend", by Laura Hillenbrand ((c) 2001)


Hey Menachem,

We have giant crane flys around our house, too. You must now beware – Next of Kin (pronounced key-yin in our southern states) is not just a bad Patrick Swayze film. The swarm may come looking for you.

Also, the other day while I chased my children across the yard with a plastic leaf rake, I found myself yelling, “Wakka wakka wakka.” Thanks for that.

Keep on bloggin’

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