Friday, June 29, 2007



All right.
That's it.
It's happened.
I've finally cracked.
The strain of carrying around all of my passwords to various Internet portals has finally gotten to me.,,, Blogspot,, and all the rest--it's no good. I've gotta tell the rest of the world!
So I'll start off with my very first password, to both and
Oh, never mind. Here, check out my password that enables me to work on this blog:
Waaait a minute!
******! ******! ******!
That was my IMDb account password! So I get to type but no-one else gets to read it!
Ha ha!
This is brilliant!
****** ************ ********** ****...

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Zoo Gang", by Paul Gallico ((c) 1971)


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