Thursday, August 30, 2007


72nd post

Graduation pics from June!

(l-r:) Ilan Sivan (now in Moreshet), Natan "Nat" Weisberg (top, now in Othniel), Refael Shafir (bottom, also in Moreshet), and me--the only four boys in the First Graduating Class of Etrog Elementary and the Fifth Graduating Class of Sha'alei Torah High.

Ra'anan Rosenbaum (l, also now in Othniel) and Ya'ir Ben-Chaim (r, unimportant)

Me with Baruch Rosenstein (now in Shiloh)

Me with Yossi Summer (now in Ma'ale Adumim)

Once again, yours truly with Nat, my best buddy.
TODAY'S BOOK: "Star Wars", by George Lucas ((c) 1976)

TODAY'S WEBSITE: Not as easily usable as it used to be, the homepage of my erstwhile favorite TV channel (it's gone down the tubes over the past couple of years) is still your best bet for finding info on their shows, video clips from them, and tons of related games.

* EDIT - Stupid Blogger's making the pictures screw up the whole post. Damn. Oh well.

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