Monday, November 26, 2007


82nd post

As some of you may know, DC Comics has decided to branch into the webcomics business, with the launch of their Zuda Comics imprint at Some of the comics there are quite interesting, and nothing would please me more than to influence the voting on the monthly winner and possibly even submitting a comic of my own.
Unfortunately, I can't.
Why not?
Simple. To become a registered Zuda Comics member, submission is required of one's name, username, birthday, and e-mail. Then, an e-mail is sent to you containing your shiny new site password. At least in theory.
I have tested this theory three times and it has failed.
I have also sent two Feedback messages. I have received no answer.
How the heyheyhey am I supposed to cast votes and win competitions if you people won't send me a password to my e-mail address???
I know that the e-mail exists. It is used, may I note, quite frequently. Without it I would not be able to sign in to work on this blog; or chat on the IMDb, TGN, or FanIQ.
So what exactly is the problem here?
I have only encountered this problem in one other instance, and that is in the voting for's This Year in Baseball awards. This is surmounted by giving a different e-mail address (my father's at work, actually), but OK because that is the entire extent of its use--votecasting. How am I to receive messages and notifications from Zuda if I use a different account? Answer me that!
Just for the record, my favorite comic was Battlefield Babysitter. The eventual winner, High Moon, was close but lacked a really coherent intro to the storyline (if you hadn't read the blurb about it). Alpha Monkey didn't appear to aim very high and might someday morph into a Saturday morning cartoon. Leprenomicon had okay art but confused me. And I stopped halfway through reading This American Strife, it was so bad. All the rest I didn't read because they didn't interest me.
* EDIT - I recently found this page which basically says exactly what I think, and that what I skipped wasn't worth reading. I feel so connected!

TODAY'S BOOK: "My American Adventure", by Amy Burritt ((c) 1998)


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