Sunday, December 02, 2007


83rd post

Wonder of wonders
Irony of ironies
Usually I only take Bus 416 from school
But today, in a prelude to more irony,
I took it back from the library too!

When Glavine leaves the Mets to return to the Braves,
That is an irony;
When Arabs say Annapolis shafted them,
That is an irony too.

But of all the ironies large and small
The most ironic of them all
Is the woman passenger on the 416
Who asked if we had reached her stop yet long after we'd passed it and I don't care if this line doesn't rhyme and is too long ha ha 'cause I'm random

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Adventures of Holly Hobbie", by Richard Dubelman ((c) 1980)


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