Tuesday, February 05, 2008


99th post

Ninety-nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall gottle o' geer ventriloquism magic sorcery the Sorceror's Apprentice Mickey Mouse Donald Goofy wacky crazy mad It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World MAD Magazine comic books paper plastic "Plastics" The Graduate seduction reduction abduction kidnapping kneecapping busted knees bust a move dance Dance Dance Revolution Revolutionary War redcoats lobsters crustaceans crusty grumpy Seven Dwarfs dwarfism tiny minscule scale weights weighty matters important impotent unable can't recant give up confess trial jail hoosegow Westerns cowboys Indians warpath anger explosion volcano Joe Vs. The boxing pugilism pugs pug noses schnozzola Ernie Lombardi catcher caught nabbed grabbed took taken for a ride roller coaster amusement park Six Flags burning the flag protest pros and cons contest win fail failure problem wrong not right Wright Brothers airplane jumbo jet flying wings birds beaks hooked Captain Hook Smee squee cute adorable Dora the Explorer Spanish foreign language foreign food haute cuisine snobbish haughty nose in the air nosy prying crowbar metal heavy metal rock bands rubber bands compiling stacked pyramid triangle three triple triplicate triplets multiple births giving birth painful hurtful name-calling sticks and stones broken bones cast casting call movie Hollywood glitzy shiny sparkly sprakles sparklers fireworks Fourth of July holiday day off vacation vaccination medicine medicall bills duck-billed platypus odd cod cod liver oil disgusting foul smoke smoking cigarettes Camels desert hot cold icy ice rink hockey Wayne Gretzky ninety-nine.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Fear No Evil", by Natan Sharansky ((c) 1988)


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