Thursday, April 03, 2008


113th post

Say hello to the latest cartoon published by ShiurTimes magazine. Condoleezza Rice tells Mahmoud Abbas, who has been driven out of Gaza, to stop the rocket fire from Gaza (controlled by Ismail Haniyeh). This is heavily ironic and showcases America's (and everybody else's) insistence on treating Abbas as the Palestinian leader while the amount of power he actually wields can be measured in teaspoons.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Baseball Fever", by Johanna Hurwitz ((c) 1981)

TODAY'S WEBSITE: With one of the closest and most important elections in the history of the world's last superpower coming in November, you can't not afford to visit this site, which collects thought-provoking political articles from around the web to present at least once daily, including some by its own staff, and detailed breakdowns of polls both national and otherwise.


Hey I really liked your blog a lot. What do you think about mines in Mets Magic Team?
It's OK I guess, but far too matter-of-factual. What makes blogs like FAFIN or Metstradamus great (no offense to you) is that they are very personalized, which makes them more engaging to read.
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