Wednesday, April 30, 2008


119th post

One hundred and nineteen 11/9 Twin Towers high and mighty king ruler straight line crooked line Crooked Man poem wax poetic candle wax beeswax beehive honey bear bare naked bath clean scrub rub rub-out kill dead grave cemetery ghosts haunting chilling frozen ice icebergs the North Pole polar bears white blank paper RPS-and-shoot! bang gun submachine gun submarine underwater pool swimming floating peaceful quiter noisy guitar music LP records broken records smashed not working out of a job homeless hopeless unhappy sad tearful tearing up ripping ripsnorter rhinoceros horns bull cows milk dairy eggs yolks yellow yeller-bellied coward afraid hiding hide-and-seek games gaming gambling casino Las Vegas immoral immortal long-living Methuselah biblical ancient prehistoric dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus Rex tyrant dictator dictating typing typewriter ribbon hair ribbons hair salon saloon Old West outlaws criminals behind bars bar par par for the course golf course hole in one aced flying aces airplanes bombardiers bombardier beetle entymology science exact the same duplicate double double back criss-cross X marks the spot treasure Treasure Island pirates sailors navy army soldiers war fighting boxing arena sport sporting chance fair nice agreeable agreeing disputing argument shouting calling calling for help stuck tight narrow alley mugging violent angry red-faced can't breathe choking hospital emergency 911 backwards one hundred and nineteen.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Benjamin Franklin: An American Life", by Walter Isaacson ((c) 2003)

TODAY'S WEBSITE: I feel kind of obligated to mention this one, as it is administrated by one of the teachers in the school I work in. A truly innovative site, eBood (a pun on the Hebrew word meaning "lost") gives people a central place online to present and claim lost objects, filed into several distinct categories. Available in English as well.


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