Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It shouldn't happen to Jew

Only in Israel!
My cousin (once removed) traditionally goes to the States to be with his extended family on Pesach every year. He is a divorcee with two kids he doesn't see anymore.
So much for the basic facts.
What does his ex-wife up and decide to do this year? Sue him for NIS 60,000 (roughly $17,000), claiming that his past alimony payments haven't been enough.
Think that's bad? It gets worse. Remember that first factoid I gave? Well, she's gotten the court to slap a restraining order on him: he can't leave the country.
Days before he's about to leave the country, and this midden hits the windmill.
So, not only can't he go to America to be with his family, not only is his whole routine disrupted, but all of a sudden he now has five days (including Friday) to get his apartment cleaned up for Pesach.
Naturally, we immediately invited him over for Shabbos and Pesach meals, but still...
What a biznitch!

TODAY'S BOOK: "Mr. Mysterious & Company", by Sid Fleischman ((c) 1962)

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