Tuesday, May 20, 2008


126th post

Well, another month has come and gone and the latest issue of the ShiurTimes has arrived in the mail and--well, ain't this a fine kettle of fish. I'm not in it! Not anywhere! And I sent in those submissions weeks ago.
While I get this mess sorted out, you can instead feast your eyes on my first trio of submissions, from way back in December '07. One lucky pic got printed, unfortunately despite repeated requests they mysteriously refuse to tell me which one.
Pic 1 refers to the end of the teachers' strike, the longest in Israeli history, which was settled right after Chanukah vacation.
Pic 2 shows the current Israeli method of hostage negotiation: we give, they demand. Damn, I miss Entebbe. (That's Ehud Olmert on the left, Mahmoud Abbas on the right, and kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit on the shelf.)
Pic 3 depicts Olmert's feelings for who he deems the country's "true" enemies. Beth Shalom is a highly contested building located in Hebron, which the IDF and police have repeatedly tried to kick the Jews out of.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Spoiled Rotten America: Outrages of Everyday Life", by Larry Miller ((c) 2006)


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