Sunday, May 04, 2008


Seen at Har Herzl

Today, on tour at Har Herzl Military Cemetery, walking around.
Theodor Herzl. David Ben-Gurion. Meir, Eshkol, Rabin. Hannah Szenes. Ro'i Klein.
Nissim Gini.
Closer look. Part of a monument, not a grave marker. Fighters in the Old City of Jerusalem in 1948.
53 years old. 22 years. 20s, 17s, 18s. Men and women.
Nissim Gini...
That can't be right.
Nissim Gini--age 10.
Age 10?
What the heck is a 10-year-old doing on the battlefront fighting for his country's life?
(He wasn't even 10, by the way; he was two months shy.)
This is beyond incomprehensible... 10 years old, giving his life up for the cause.
"Every able-bodied person, into the battle!" And off he went into the breach and never returned..
He shouldn't have been out there! He should have been at home, in bed, reading books, playing with friends.
Not out there.
Not dead on the ground.
This is what our country is built on...
Nissim Gini. Remembered on Fallen Soldiers Remembrance Day 5768.


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