Monday, July 14, 2008


Randomly reprinted post (IV)

"So today I go to the library for the first time in a week (Pesach vacation), ready to get back crackin', and... there's glass. Broken glass. Everywhere.
On Friday, a bunch of vandals broke four panes of glass in the community center: an outside window, two library windows overlooking the toddlers' (board books) section, and the top pane of the front door.
Glass just everywhere.
I felt exactly kind of like this:

Fortunately, the vandals didn't manage to steal anything, as they were apparently scared off by the alarm. But the glass flew all over the place, concentrated in the area frequented by barefoot and/or crawling children.
We had to close the library to the public--disappointing all the other people who'd waited for a week to come back--and clean up the mess. I spent three and a half hours picking up glass with my bare hands. Yes, my bare hands. No, I did not get cut or anything. Yes, I'm a very careful sort of guy.
So now all the bigger pieces are gone--but there are still lots and lots of really tiny pieces everywhere, embedded in the carpet, resisting the vacuum cleaner. We'll be digging them out and picking them up for months. As it is, while I'm there I see tiny points of refracted light gorram everywhere. This is not good for my health, mental (such as it is) or otherwise.

TODAY'S BOOK: 'The Case of the Muttering Mummy', by E.W. Hildick ((c) 1986)

TODAY'S WEBSITE: Israel has proprtionately the most news reported about it of any country in the world; that's why it's important to have said reporting to be fair and unbiased. Since this is usually not the case, nonprofit NGO HonestReporting leads the charge to make it so. Plenty of muckraking articles on the media's two-facedness and well-made videos are available for viewing."
--118th post, 4/27/08


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