Wednesday, September 10, 2008


169th post

One hundred and sixty-nine 1969 Mets amazing outstanding upstanding respectable unimpeachable peaches peaches and cream cream cheese hard cheese and tuna sandwich lunch food feud fight war army soldiers uniforms conformity sheep farm crops crop circle aliens outer space stars celebrities fame and fortune Dame Fortune luck dice roll "Let's Roll" heroism sacrifice animal sacrifice worship gods Olympus the Olympics medals gold digging for gold prospecting staking a claim clam oysters pearls necklace jewelry ostentatious gaudy gauzy bandages wounds blood blood donations bank money cash cashews nuts crazy bonkers Bonkers Bagels Jerusalem holy city religion Judaism anti-Semitism Nazis World War II Normandy France poodle dog wolf werewolf horror zombies the undead the dead ghosts Spirit Bryan Adams Summer of '69 one hundred and sixty-nine.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone", by J.K. Rowling ((c) 1998)

TODAY'S WEBSITE: Strangely addictive. I found myself unwilling to exit it even though it was, technically, annoying.


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Congratulations for getting on's radar - you're really moving up in the world.
*rolls eyes* Oh, hush up, you.
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