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GLBF! has an amusing little thing called Whack-a-Lantern Week going on, where particiapants get challenged to show any of DC Comics' Green Lantern superheroes getting, well, whacked. In all of Beit Shemesh I know of only one place you can locate any Green Lantern pictures: a black-and-white reprint of an old Justice League of America issue, to be found in the library I volunteer at. The story (issue unknown), "Skyjack at 22,300 Miles!" (catchy, innit?), was published in 1976, written by Martin Pasko and illustrated by Dick Dillin and Frank McLaughlin.

TENTACLE...!, well... not rape, I'll think of something. That was Lantern Whack #1 in the story, anyway.
The basic premise: an alien with the ability to shoot a tentacle-thing out of its head has merged with the bodies of Hawkman and the Flash; they then split up into three bodies, with mismatched heads, torsos and legs, all of which are controlled by the alien. (This made a lot more sense when I was 11.) They proceed to attack the JLA in their satellite base.

Lantern Whack #2 takes place outside the satellite (in SPAAACE!). As you can see, Alien head, Flash torso, Hawkman legs.

Yes, that is Hal Jordan, getting whacked with his own ring construct. Hurrah for cartoon physics! (To be fair to Hal, there were a whole lot of Three Stooges-style beatdowns in the book, including Black Canary getting a bookcase toppled on top of her.)

TENTACLE THAPP! That's it! GL gets thapped for the second time, for Lantern Whack #3 of the issue.
I hope you had fun--I certainly did.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Hello, My Name is Scrambled Eggs", by Jamie Gilson ((c) 1985)


Why that's magnificent! I didn't have any tentacle beatings, so it is nice to add them to the mix.

Poor Hal. Poor poor Hal.
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