Thursday, October 30, 2008


187th post

Well, my final edumacational year kicked off on Tuesday. I'm in Sela Youniversity [sic], Bnei Brak, commuting by train twice a week. The class has an initial size of 19, but will split up after we finish our first subject (PhotoShop) into Animation, Web Design and Graphic Design (me) courses. I am the only Anglo, I am the only religious person, I think I'm the only under-20, I'm one of 15 males, and I'm one of three long-distance studiers (two others from Jerusalem). It's all very interesting, if a bit stressful due to the train schedules. We learned about pixels and vectors and resolution and Alt and Shift and Ctrl and Del and wakka wakka (not really, just wanted to make sure you were paying attention) and colors and PPI and DPI.

TODAY'S BOOK: "It's Nothing to a Mountain", by Sid Hite ((c) 1994)

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Heck of a commute! Hang in there!
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