Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Randomly reprinted post (VII)

"On behalf of the entire Giant Boogers from Outer Space crew, it is my pleasure to wish the United States of America a Happy Fifth of July!
Distortion distortio distorti distort distor disto dist dis di d
You both start smelling like a fax machine.
I am working on a dictionary. This will include such new words as 'Airy Poof (n.), Bazurko (v.), Kablemmo (adj.), Kak (n.), Piceyness (adj.) and Thoda (n.). The largest section will be that of W, due to the inclusion of all the Wakka Wakka words and phrases. (For example: Wakka = aardvark, Wak = absolutely, Wakka = and, Wakka = ant, Wakka Wakka = anteater, etc. etc.)
Don't forget to attend the title bout between Lewis "the Jabberwock" Ee and Carroll "the Snark" Boojum!
Pickles I pickles graduated pickles from pickles high pickles school pickles a pickles few pickles weeks pickles ago pickles and pickles will pickles soon pickles be pickles a pickles pickles legal pickles adult pickles.
[Click] And now everything is illuminated.

TODAY'S BOOK: 'Secret of the Andes', by Ann Nolan Clark ((c) 1952)

TODAY'S WEBSITE: Just an update this time: has now officially changed its domain name to match its title,"
--62nd post, 7/5/07


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