Wednesday, November 26, 2008


200th post

Two hundred CC closed caption TV or not to be Hamlet little town Little House on the Prairie pioneers settlers settlement settled out of court judge Judment Day end of the world nukes newts amphibians amphibian vehicles cars trains smoke cannons siege starvation hunger empty stomach intestine intestinal fortitude courage "Ain't it the truth!" Say it ain't so Joe Joe the Plumber plumbing pipes piping hot steaming steam engine motor pool water wet willy Slick Willy president CEO in charge electric charge shock shocking amazing The Amazin' Mets David Wright Dudley Do-Right Mounties Rockies mountains high tall big Notorious BIG outlaw illegal confiscated locked up prison jail striped suit zebra horse mule stubborn pigheaded piggish greedy moneygrubber dollars cents two cents opinion pinion feather wing bird flip the bird curse filthy dirty bath shower rain storm lightning electricity lightbulb Edison inventor genius Mensa Man of La Mancha Don Quixote cuckoo cuckoo clock time hard time escape freedom free time vacation holiday Thanksgiving Indians India Mumbai hostages rescue Entebbe 1976 bicentennial two hundred.

TODAY'S BOOK: "How to Eat Fried Worms", by Thomas Rockwell ((c) 1973)

YOUR HOROSCOPE FOR TODAY: Gemini - Mars and Venus are in conjuction, and your wallet's in Las Vegas ; Sagittarius - That Cancer you ran into yesterday? He's on America's 10 Most Wanted.


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