Monday, December 01, 2008


203rd post

Ahoy, here's an example of what I do for homework in my Graphic Design course. Right now we're learning PhotoShop, and one of our assignments was to create a website that one could "interact" with via layers. The layers (in this case the drop-down menus) are unavailable here, but you can see the rest.
I wanted to make the background diagonal instead of horizontal but couldn't figure out how.
Please note the symbol for the United Countries of Earth--a combination of the Great Seal and the UN flag--and the Latin mottoes: "In God We Trust" for the UCE and "Faster, Higher, Better" (based on the Olympics' motto) for the Project.
The spareness of the design is due to it being a military site and not accessible for the average user...

TODAY'S BOOK: "Superfudge", by Judy Blume ((c) 1980)

YOUR HOROSCOPE FOR TODAY: Aquarius - Rob Peter to pay Paul ; Cancer - Rob Paul to pay Peter, and piss off Aquarius in the process.


Have you tried using Gimp? It has a lot of Photoshop's features, though in different places, and it's always about one functional generation behind Photoshop. It's still a pretty good program, and it's FREE! :-)
I confess I don't know what you're talking about. *I* was talking about converting the file to JPEG so I could post it.
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