Tuesday, December 09, 2008


207th post

Hey hi ho, here's another website homepage I whipped up for PhotoShop homework.
We were given three choices: travel, pets, and technology. Operating on the basis that it doesn't count as "work" if you have fun doing it, I combined the last two and came up with, as you can see, Robo-Pets.
The hardest part was trawling the web for suitably robotic-looking animals to use as pop-ups when the menus are selected.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Prime Directive", by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens ((c) 1990)

YOUR HOROSCOPE FOR TODAY: Aries - Now is an auspicious time to go outside, soak up some sun, and develop skin cancer ; Taurus - The next time you forget to compliment your wife's cooking will also be your last, if you know what I mean.


LOVE the robotic budgie. ;-)

Good work on this!
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