Saturday, December 27, 2008


216th post

'Tis now the last night of Kislev, so what have I got for you? Well, instead of a list of items, I'm gonna trot out a list of lists, which is rather like The Book of Lists, only, not.
Here is a rundown of all past lists!

Favorite Animated Movie & Favorite Movie All-Time: tie between Beauty and the Beast & The Lion King
Next-Favorite Disney Movie: Aladdin
Favorite Pixar Movie: Finding Nemo
Least Favorite Pixar Movie: A Bug's Life
Favorite Non-Animated Movie: Star Wars: A New Hope
Favorite Non-Theatrical Movie: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)
Next-Favorite Star Wars Movie: The Empire Strikes Back
Least Favorite Star Wars Movie: Revenge of the Sith
Least Favorite Animated Movie: The Hunchback of Notre Dame II
Least Favorite Non-Animated Non-Theatrical Movie: Home Alone 4
Least Favorite Non-Animated Movie: Black Knight
Favorite Author: tie between Dan Brown and Robert Ludlum
Favorite Harry Potter Book: Prisoner of Azkaban
Least Favorite Harry Potter Book: Chamber of Secrets
Favorite Discworld Book: Night Watch
Favorite Dan Brown Book: The Da Vinci Code
Least Favorite Dan Brown Book: Deception Point
Favorite Book Series: Harry Potter
Favorite Single Book: The Phantom Tollbooth
Number of Newbery Medal Winners I Have Read: 55
Number of Newbery Honor Winners I Have Read: 71
Number of Caldecott Medal Winners I Have Read: 19
Number of Caldecott Medal Winners I Have Read: 36
Most Underrated Disney Movie Soundtrack: Home on the Range
Least Favorite Discworld Book: Small Gods
Favorite Non-Warners Animaniacs Segment: Slappy Squirrel
Favorite Animaniacs Song: Yakko's World
Favorite Animaniacs Episode: This Pun For Hire
Favorite Animaniacs Slappy Squirrel Episode: Bumbie's Mom
Greatest Disney Villain: Professor Ratigan
Favorite Song: Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)
Favorite Weird Al Yankovic Song: You Don't Love Me Anymore
Favorite Capitol Steps Song: The Woes

TODAY'S BOOK: "The National Geographic Society: 100 Years of Adventure & Discovery", by C.D.B. Bryan ((c) 1987)


...Revenge of the Sith b/c Anakin is no longer played by that annoying kid from Jingle all the Way, or maybe just lacking all the corny 3po jokes from Attack of the clones?

Maybe you represent the target audience that Jar-Jar was conceived for!
Glad to see you're back, Mr. Montalbaaan.

In answer to your query, I don't find Jar Jar to be NEARLY as annoying other people, who seem to think he's the anti-Christ; I thought Phantom Menace was just dumb fun, working better as a stand-alone movie--6/10.

Episodes II and III, on the other hand, were just plain dumb, and unworthy of Lucas.
Perhaps it was IV V and VI that he was unworthy of and he deserved what he got for I II and III.
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