Friday, February 27, 2009


247th post

This is the second of my three end-of-project posters, this one an army-recruitment one. It's the heaviest in size, and the one I finished last. The photos are spliced soldiers and pointing hands, and the pitch and slogan were ad-libbed. Background's a mishmash of patches and symbols. The hardest part was turning the US Army logo into a Pen shape.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Looking for Trouble", by Theodore Levite ((c) 1976)


Good work. One minor quibble -- you have NON-Army people included in the poster (such as the USAF chick). The various branches of the U.S. armed forces (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines) may work together sometimes, but they're all on separate teams -- and they don't always get along. Stupid, I know, but that's the way it is.
I did that on purpose. For all the teacher cared I could have scribbled a meaningless gibberish. I just threw some details together to make it look right. Suffice it to say that should the US Army ever decide to hire me to make a recruitment poster for them, I'd make sure to get all the details right, as well as have access to proper photography...
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