Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Thoughts on a worthless custom

Every year, without fail, the senior classes of Israel's religious secondary schools go out on the First of Adar and perpetuate a long-standing sholastic tradition. In a nutshell, they turn the whole school upside down in one massive prank.
What fun. What a lark.
What absolute crap.
I was going to write a whole humongous article disparaging this tradition, but do you know what? Words fail to voice the depth of my hatred for this total idiocy. Every damn year, another day's routine shot to hell with barricades, and farm animals, and straw, and floods. Every single damn year.
Ever since 7th grade, I've hated it.
I hate pranks in general, and I particularly hate the school system for giving carte blanche to this whole widescale pranking. And lucky me, I even got to witness it again during my sherut leumi year at Nachshon. When it was my class's turn to perpetrate it, I flat-out refused. This isn't funny. This isn't fun. It's revolting.

TODAY'S BOOK: "How to be an Alien", by George Mikes ((c) 1946)


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