Thursday, March 05, 2009


250th post

Two hundred and fifty quarter of a thousand quarter coin metal rock stone stoned drugs pharmacy lab doctor professor science testing one two three counting Count Dracula vampire bat batty crazy craze fad passing Passover holiday weekend Saturday Sabbath sabbatical job Job suffering pain wounds blood red vermilion million millionaire money greenbacks wetbacks immigrants migrant workers farms wheat sheafs arrows archery archer fish spitting expectoration expectation Great Expectations Dickens like the dickens simile metaphor meteor meteoric flaming fire hot burning charred blackened reputation representative Congress progress moving forward momentum memento memory brains gray matter gray hairs aging old antique valuable priceless worthless shifty workshift overtime halftime show showy flashy glittery gold Golden Gophers Groundhog Day golf putt putter about drive will won't not against the grain rice China the East sunrise sun star celebrity shallow pool water wet dripping faucet knob knot Don Knotts Ron Howard child star children teenagers adolescence rebellion Rebels Yankees Bronx Brooklyn Dodgers 1955 'fifty-five fifty times five two hundred and fifty.

TODAY'S BOOK: "90 Minutes at Entebbe", by William Stevenson ((c) 1976)


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