Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Let's Glorify Guy Week

Coming right on the heels of Bash Batman Week, GLBF! is now soliciting glorifications of tough-guy Green Lantern Guy Gardner. In this whole city I think the only place you can find Guy in a comic book is my collection of the four Blue Beetle TPB volumes, in which he guest stars three times in a span of 25 issues.

A wonderful character moment from issue #1, one of just many exhibited during the series' run.

This has absolutely nothing to do with glorifying Guy, but I simply could not resist including one of the absolutely greatest scenes in the entire series, from issue #14.

Here we have Guy glorifying himself...

And here's him beating up the Ultra-Humanite with his bare hands.

Capping off his guest appearance in the issue, we have Guy both being nicely nostalgic about his ol' buddy Ted Kord and being blunt about being blunt.
And finally...

Issue #25 is one of my all-time favorite comic book issues ever, and I think this may be my single favorite page in the entire series--when reading the issue for the first time, I jumped up and squealed like a girl when I reached this page. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. Combining maximum doses of Win, Pwnage, Awesomesauce and Cuteness, this is Guy Gardner at his glorious best.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Left-Handed Shortstop", by Patricia Reilly Giff ((c) 1989)


John Rogers did a completely masterful job with his portrayal of Guy, in my humble opinion. I haven't seen Guy with Jaime in a while now, and I WANT to.
Maybe in the BatB cartoon...? *hopes hopes hopes*
Why, that would indeed be delightful.
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