Thursday, April 02, 2009


The two-hundred-and-sixty-fourth post

Hello, to all you nice puppies and girls out there, it is once the being of the 24 hours April Fools, and I am back, the completely serious nonrandom personality, here to edutain you!
Oh, goodness, where do I begin? The economy? Fashion? Hot dogs and frankfurters? Never mind, what matters is that for one whole day you get experience irrandomosity courtsey of this fine fine blog! Keeping in line with the traditionally solemn facekeeping of the occasion, I feel that perhaps a Bach sonata might be in order--perhaps Fugue in A Flat Minor.
Oh, what is that? What that you are saying to me? It is? No--it is not? Not the day of the April Fooling? In all seriousness? It passed? Yesterday--passed--it yesterday--was already? Happened? Oh, I am so abashed!
This, boy oh boy, this is deriously being the discombobulatory for me, moi, ourselves. Words simply fail to express the depth of my mortification caused by these circumstances. For I am late. Late indeed.
Continued elsewhen! For surement! And no doing the random thinging! Just all seriousnessositiness!

TODAY'S BOOK: "All Things Bright and Beautiful", by James Herriot ((c) 1974)


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