Tuesday, May 26, 2009


279th post

Here's a question that I know has been bugging you all lately: who put up the best career numbers in a Mets uniform with #32 on the back?

Only four position players have worn #32 for the Mets, accumulating 233 games played with that hallowed number on their backs. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Bill Pecota!

Bill logged 117 games all around the 1992 Mets infield and, by default, became career 32 leader in almost every offensive category, from hits and runs batted in to walks and strikeouts. He never tripled (but then again, no Met 32 ever has), and was bested in certain stasts only by Mark Carreon, who played 84 games under the Three And Two before switching to 45 for two seasons.

Carreon had 7 home runs to Pecota's 2 and was caught stealing 4 times (Pecota thrice). As for percentage, fuhgeddaboudit: Mark was .318-.382-.506 as opposed to B.P.'s lackluster AVG, OBP and SLG of .227-.293-.297.

Interestingly enough, Kevin Mitchell only appeared as a 32 for 7 games, 18 less than Eli Marrero, yet still managed to worm his way onto the leaderboards: he's tied with Pecota for second-most home runs, and with both Pecota and Carreon for most times hit by pitch (1).

Now for the pitchers, of whom there are a lot more of. One man stands above the pack, however; please meet Jon Matlack!

Jon played 7 seasons and change as a 32, outpacing all the competition (Tom Hausman pitched in 125 games, 78 short of Matlack's mark) and leading in every category save two: saves, which goes to Hausman (3), and ERA, with his 3.03 knocked off by Carlos Diaz's 1.97--set in 1,361 less innings!

And Now You Know.

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Chimpanzee Kid", by Ron Roy ((c) 1985)

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