Thursday, August 20, 2009


303rd post

Introduction to Calvin and Hobbes: "Something Under the Bed is Drooling"
Introduction to Garfield: "Garfield, This is Your Life"
Introduction to Doonesbury: "The People's Doonesbury"
Introduction to The Far Side: "The Far Side Gallery"
Introduction to Zits: "Zits"
Introduction to Baby Blues: "Guess Who Didn't Take a Nap?"

First Disney movie watched: The Jungle Book
First movie seen in theaters: Toy Story 2
First movie seen on DVD: Robots

First comic book read: "The Untold Legend of the Batman" #2 (Aug. 1980)
First comic books owned: "Blue Beetle" volumes 1-4

First episode of Teen Titans watched: "Betrothed"
First episode of The Magic School Bus watched: "Gets Baked in a Cake"
First episode of Animaniacs watched: "Babblin' Bijou"
First episode of Freakazoid! watched: "Hero Boy"
First episode of Freakazoid! watched in English: "Dexter's Date"
First episode of Codename: Kids Next Door watched: "Operation: K.N.O.T."
First episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy watched: "Attack of the Clowns"
First episode of M*A*S*H watched: "Hey, Look Me Over"

First Harry Potter book read: "Chamber of Secrets" (#2)
First Artemis Fowl book read: "Eternity Code" (#3)
First Mrs. Pollifax book read: "The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax"
First Discworld book read: "Hogfather"
First Star Trek book read: "The Vulcan Academy Murders"
First Hardy Boys book read: "Mystery of the Desert Giant" (#40)

First book by Alistair MacLean read: "San Adreas"
First book by Robert Ludlum read: "The Bourne Identity"
First book by Roald Dahl read: "Fantastic Mr. Fox"
First book by Gordon Korman read: "The Toilet Paper Tigers"
First book by Judy Blume read: "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing"
First book by Isaac Asimov read: "I, Robot"
First book on baseball read: "A Dream Season"


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