Sunday, November 01, 2009


318th post

"Quite frankly, for a Mets fan in 2009, this year features the Series From
Hell: the much-hated Yankees vs. the Phillies, our current National League
bugaboo. Put simply, our best-case scenario is for the whole World Series to
be called off after everybody contracts pneumonia.

"Since that is not likely to happen (inclement weather conditions
notwithstanding--bring back summer championships!), I would root--if pressed
at gunpoint to pick--for the Phillies.
Sure, we hate them a lot now; but we
didn't hate them this much 10 years ago, and probably won't 10 years from
now. On the other hand, Yankee Hatred, and Yankee Fan Hatred in particular,
springs eternal.
Not to mention that a victory parade would be a lot easier
to ignore while occurring in Pennsylvania.
"Quite simply, I would be rooting for the (slightly) lesser of two (enormous)

The above message was sent to Murray Chass, who held an e-mail poll on the topic of Met fans' allegations during this year's WS. The emboldened sections made it into the article on the results, one of just ten quotes that made it in. It's all anonymous, but it made me happy!

TODAY'S BOOK: "The War With Grandpa", by Robert Kimmel Smith ((c) 1984)


If you think the World Series was ugly, check out the Colts vs. Patriots game this Sunday! Hoo boy!
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