Thursday, January 14, 2010


342nd post

Well I suppose it;s time close out another year's list month. This time, I'm drawing the blinds with a unique sort of list: my top 10 favorite unpublished Jerusalem Post cartoons!

#10 - Abdelbaset al-Megrahi arrives in Libya to great fanfare, 8/25/2009

Yeah, meting out justice based on the honor system really isn't such a great idea, Kenny.

#9 - The world fiddles while Iran prepares to burn, 11/22/2009

Countries as mammals, reptiles and spineless inveterbrae--old-fashioned and clich'ed, but highly enjoyable to draw.

#8 - HRW changes tack... kind of, 8/13/2009

Bonus: the guy on the left side of the Human Rights Watch group was later found to be a collector of Nazi memorabilia. What an innocuous hobby.

#7 - Terrorists attempt a horseback attack, 6/9/2009

You try that tactic against the Israelis With Infrared Missiles, you deserve everything you get.

#6 - The UN once again calls for Hizbullah to disarm, 10/23/2009

Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus...

#5 - Unrest among hesder yeshivas following the ouster of Har Bracha, 12/16/2009

Although the hornets eventually settled down, this visual metaphor was too good to pass up--and got pulled off pleasingly.

#4 - The US decries Israeli settlement expansion, 7/2/2009

Putting the settlers in the heroic Iwo Jima pose was a stroke of inspiration.

#3 - Yom Kippur 5770, 9/24/2009

With Israeli politicians (and Bernie Madoff), you've got to laugh if you don't want to cry... Right to left, fraud, sexual misconduct, embezzlement, embezzlement, and various financial improprieties.

#2 - Bernie gets 150 years in the slammer--good riddance!, 6/30/2009

I love this one so much.

#1 - The least-worked-for award of the year, 10/11/2009

Burn, baby, burn!

TODAY'S BOOK: "Jim at the Corner", by Eleanor Farjeon ((c) 1934)


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