Monday, June 28, 2010


Randomly reprinted post (XXIII)

"My name is Url. His name is H.T. Tepee.
Over the past month, besides visits from the usual suspects--Israel, America (particulary Denver[=Eric]) and Portugal (Bernardo, from 'Funchal, Madeira')--this blog has also received hits from Estonia, Indonesia, Chile, Japan, and--gasp!--even Canada. I believe those first three are the first visitors from their countries, and in the past I've had visitors from the UK, Brazil, Germany and other places. Thus my booger-encrusted tentacles spread...
Exit Stage Sinister with a side order of chili and fries.
Orange Country residents are seeing red due to an outbreak of yellow fever that has hospitals filled patients feeling blue and under the weather, although health authorities feel that greener pastures are in sight and do not wish to whitewash anything or put further developments under a blackout, saying that in this case there are no gray areas.
'F' and "S" words are practically the only words still considered unprintable by mainstream comic books; I've seen multiple counts of 'A', 'C', both 'B' and all the variations on the 'D' words. Get with the program, guys, little kids are exposed to these comments!
Teh 'teh'-ness of it all is simply teh awesome.
Rocky Balboa vs. Rocky J. Squirrel in a winner-take-all brawl officiated by Rock Hudson! Come on down!
Another one dites the bust, and another fun whites the crust, and a mother on town, a fishy on th' ground, Carruthers shun fights we must...
Starring Patricia S. Mump as the Hopping Woman.

TODAY'S BOOK: 'The Road to Omaha', by Robert Ludlum ((c) 1993)

TODAY'S WEBSITE: Since writing my 26th post, I have since added a fifth online comic strip site my daily reading: Calvin and Hobbes, widely regarded as a classic of the genre despite running for 'only' 10 years and nearly unique in that its creator (Bill Watterson, who once replied to a letter I sent him--o Snail Mail, wherefore art thou?) both left on his own terms while he was on top and had an almost complete ban on using the strip for merchandising purposes."
--65th post, 7/22/07


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