Sunday, August 22, 2010


373rd post

It all started on my other blog, with some bleeptard writing anti-Semitic slurs on a post showcasing my cartoon about the Demjanjuk Trial. Defiantly, I answered with an uncompromising statement of my principles.
Today this person

found said post, ask me not exactly how--it's at times like this that I really, REALLY wish the Sitemeter was able to track Google Images search words--and, apparently being a moron of few words--albeit somewhat limited grammar--contented him/herself with saying:

(Edited so as not to offend my more sensitive readers.)

The commenter, of course, was anonymous.
And I just have to laugh, I really do. Tell me, Brazilian Bozo, when was the last time a Nazi accomplished anything? I'll tell you: when your heroes reached the gates of Stalingrad.
That was your last hurrah, wasn't it, you Nazi scumbag? Once you lost the siege and couldn't solve the Britons and then the Americans landed, it was nothing but retreat, retreat, retreat. Then your glorious Fuhrer shot himself in his bunker and it was all over for you.
And every Nazi since then can only dream of accomplishing anything at all, much less genocide. Your absolute pinnacle of achievement is scrawling messages of hate on Jews' blogs.
And if you're not in fact a Nazi, then please in the name of all that is holy please explain to me what has made you so messed up that you read a post whose entire point is to denigrate Nazis, some of the vilest human beings of the 20th century, and the only thing--the only thing--you can focus on is that the writer is Jewish.
Well, hombre, let me reiterate my message to you--in a language I think you may understand better:

And that is positively all.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Stay Fit and Healthy Until You're Dead", by Dave Barry ((c) 1985)

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