Wednesday, October 25, 2006


11th post

To the left is a crude diagram I made of the lobby in my school, where kids play a game called "stangah", usually played with a flattened tin can. Participants (3 to a side) may only touch the "puck" once in a row; the optional limit is a 5-point win. All this is a roundabout way of reminiscing about Monday: I (the prospective Inert Gas) actually participated in a stangah game, one that this time used a soccer ball, and wearing only sandals! A few minutes in, the score was 3-1 against me, one of the opposing players had taken a ball to the nose (he survived), and my toes hurt like heck. However, my side stiffened, and soon the score was 4-4 when a rabbi came by and made us stop (the game is banned in my school). I haven't felt so proud of myself in a long time!
Zzif, zzif, polp, polp.
Saw a lightning storm yesterday. First time in my life I've actually seen lightning bolts in person. How lovely is the periwinkle rose.
I wonder how De Bahbouh's doing these days.
How do I create all this randomness? I'll tell you how I create all this randomness: with a Random Access Generator (R.A.G.). It's a lot like RAM, only not.
Also yesterday, I saw a movie wherein two characters reenacted the awful "Grab my hand!" routine. The next time you see a movie, and one character yell "Grab my hand!", and the other one fails to do so with catastrophic results, shoot out the screen with a gun. (Use .22-caliber bullets because they don't look like film canisters.)

TODAY'S BOOK: "Break In", by Dick Francis ((c) 1982)

TODAY'S MOVIE: "Muppet Treasure Island", from Jim Henson Productions (1996)

WHO WON WORLD WAR II?: Lewis Carroll.

TODAY'S WEBSITE: While not as user-friendly as I'd like, is nonetheless the place to go for up-to-date information on TV shows, present and (to some extent) past. Not much else one can say about it.

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