Friday, October 27, 2006


12th post

Here's a vignette that would end up in any class's yearbook: on Wednesday afternoon, a classmate of mine drove from here to Ashdod (that's halfway across the country). Why? I'll tell you why: he was chasing a cloud. That's right, folks, chasing a cloud. I may be weird, but that just takes the cake!
Aye, Ah reckon I can do a rreal good Scottish accent in me own opinion. I've even managed to convince one of the rrookies--seventh grayders to the rest o' ye--in me school that I'm a native Scotsman borrn ahnd bred! (The bairn belongs t' me old English teacherr, so I get an added satifaction out o' it.)
Caramel tastes good once it's been suffused in diluted essence of frog. At least, that's how it is in theory.
If you're ever in Sydney, Australia and see my friend Raffy Zinn, please give him my regards. He never writes to me anymore.
Once upon a time the end.
Urinating do, urinating dog, urinating dog! Hahahaha! (Don't ask.)
That right below me is the first drawing I've treated using my newly-downloaded Serif PhotoPlus 6 program. Totally rocks!

TODAY'S BOOK: "Draw: The Greatest Gunfights of the American West", by James Reasoner ((c) 2003)

TODAY'S MOVIE: "The Incredibles", from Disney/Pixar (2004)

WWWW2?: Cleopatra.

TODAY'S WEBSITE: The ultimate site for your favorite orange feline--not surprising, since Paws Inc. runs it. Games galore, a gallery of characters' first appearances, and a Daily Strip--plus a vault that contains every single Garfield cartoon ever published, a rarity in the extreme!

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