Saturday, November 04, 2006


16th post

Further on my thread of thought about toon-like comic book characters: Marvel Comics has always been better in this department than DC, with the example par excellance being Howard the Duck.
If we accept Schubert's Theorem as true, then Cuyler must be post-meridian.
My favorite number is 32 'cause it's Michael Jordan's number backwards (wouldn't dare be presumptuous enough to actually wear the great man's number). Oddly enough, the first time I visited Sports Illustrated's website they ran a photo essay on the greatest #32 players of all time! Here they are: 10. JULIUS ERVING (New Jersey Nets-ABA) 9. FRANCO HARRIS (Pittsburgh Steelers-NFL) 8. STEVE CARLTON (Philadelphia Phillies-MLB) 7. O.J. SIMPSON (Buffalo Bills-NFL) 6. MARCUS ALLEN (Oakland Raiders-NFL) 5. KARL MALONE (Utah Jazz-NBA) 4. SANDY KOUFAX (Los Angeles Dodgers-MLB) 3. SHAQUILLE O'NEAL (Miami Heat-NBA) 2. MAGIC JOHNSON (Los Angeles Lakers-NBA) 1. JIM BROWN (Cleveland Browns-NFL)
Our shul was finished just in time for Rosh HaShanah. I Don't know why I'm telling you this now.
I have been forced to eat my words once and they tasted like oranges.
TODAY'S BOOK: "The Prodigal Daughter", by Jeffrey Archer ((c) 1982)
TODAY'S MOVIE: "National Treasure", from Disney (2004)
WWWW2?: Sissy Spacek.
TODAY'S WEBSITE: The official website of the only band I follow: the Capitol Steps, a parody group that deals mainly with current politics. Extremely funny, always a delight--and on every album they put a Spoonerism act, which I absolutely love (it got me onto commiting Spoonerisms of my own, all the time).

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