Tuesday, December 05, 2006


23rd post

Further on my favorite uniform number, 32: Mets With This Number. Most famously belonging to southpaw Jon Matlack (1972--77), it also clad Jack Hamilton (1966--67); Hal Reniff (1967); Dean Chance (1970); Tom Hausman (1978--82); Carlos Diaz (1982--83); Dick Tidrow (1984); Rick Anderson (1986); Tom Edens (1987); Mark Carreon (1987--89); Bill Pecota (1992); Pete Smith (1994); Paul Wilson (1996); Mike Hampton (2000); Brent Hinchliffe (2001); Bruce Chen (2001--2002); Mike Stanton (2003--2004); Danny Graves (2005); and Jeremi Gonzalez, Eli Marrero, and Dave Williams (2006)*.
We had another shockwave/soundblast experience yesterday. If this keeps happening I may start selling tickets. Then again, it may be a case of lightning striking twice in a bottle. Speaking of which, I saw my first bolt of lightning about a month ago. Then I saw a whole slew of them during an electrical storm. Which goes to show that too much of a good thing is something or other whatever.
Wakka wakka. Wakka wakka, wakka wakka. Wak wak. Wakka. Wakka! Wakka wak wakka wak wakka, wakka wakka?
This certainly is a motley crew of limp biscuits piloting a lead zeppelin with a deaf leopard as a mascot, and they are armed with... uh, never mind.

* - Williams made another appearance wearing 32 in 2007. Carlos Muniz inherited the Jersey in 2008.

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Education of Hyman Kaplan", by Leonard Q. Ross ((c) 1937)

TODAY'S MOVIE: "Spirited Away", from Studio Ghibli (2001)

WWWW2?: Harry Houdini.

TODAY'S WEBSITE: www.si.com One of the greatest sports magazines runs one of the greatest sports websites--it's Sports Illustrated, of course. With its fingers on the pulse of every single international sport and containing an archive to past articles by its top-notch authors, this is one of those sites you'll wonder how you ever managed to get along without.

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