Friday, December 01, 2006


Some Musings on Natural Phenomenae (and One Earnest Hoax)

A couple of years ago, I was sitting at my desk during recess when the floor began to vibrate; after two full seconds, I came to the only logical conclusion: EARTHQUAKE! Sure enough, the Afro-Syrian Rift was making its move, whilst I made mine to within the room's reinforced-steel doorway, under the fatal belief that death was nigh. (My friends, who were having none of this, deemed it "cool" to jump up and down on the shaking floor.) Very soon, the earth ceased its trembling, and the entire school population was hustled out to a nearby soccer field by the teachers for two hours before the building was deemed safe to re-enter, which I did with the firm conviction that I would never move to California.
Yesterday, history seemed to begin to repeat itself: in the middle of class, the floor began to vibrate; after two full seconds, I was debating whether to scream to my oblivious classmates or faint. Just then, it stopped--followed a second later by a tremendous BOOM that shook the whole room. Rushing to the window, we discerned an enormous cloud of dust rising from a nearby mountain; it was merely construction workers dynamiting their way to a new road.
Then lightning struck a nearby tree. Except that last part was just a lie.

TODAY'S BOOK: "A Nun in the Closet", by Dorothy Gilman ((c) 1975)

TODAY'S MOVIE: "Holes", from Disney (2003)

WWWW2?: The Wizard of Oz.

TODAY'S WEBSITE: "Animaniacs" was one of the funniest cartoons ever aired--and it featured some of the most inventive songs on TV. Some humorous, some educational, all good, this site provides you with each and every rollicking lyric sung in the series.

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