Thursday, February 15, 2007


36th post

"I shall name him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy."
The Wise Men of Chelm would be embarrassed by the way my pet hamsters act. (If I had pet hamsters, that is.)
I'm in bed sick with the dreaded dococcus.
Wakka wak wak wakka. Wakka wakka wakka. Wakka wakka wakka. Wakka wakka, wakka wakka. Wak? Wakka wak wakka wak wak. Wakka! Wak wakka.
Today I invented a Newer Math for implementation in Probability Studies, based on logic rather than boring old confusing equations. This may explain why I like geometry.
Chariots of Fire, Chariots of the Gods, what the heck's the difference anyway? One's about running, one's about aliens. I mean, they're pratically interchangeable. C'mon!
Once a Necromnicon, always a Necromnicon. That's what I told 'em, but would they listen? Nooo! They just kept on using it and never suspected what would happen to them later on--why, I hear one of them even became an insurance salesman!
And now, once again, for something completely different. With onions.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Man's Search for Meaning", by Victor E. Frankl ((c)1959)

TODAY'S MOVIE: "The Italian Job", from Paramount (2003)

WWWW2?: Clive Cussler.

TODAY'S WEBSITE: Billed as "Dav Pilkey's Extra-Crunchy Website o' Fun" and containing the disclaimer "This website contains scenes and material which may be considered too silly for grown-ups, small animals, and many varieties of houseplants. If you are a grown-up, a small animal, or a houseplant, we strongly urge you to seek the permission of a kid before browsing this site!", this is the perfect place for any fan of the man who is possibly the most wildly and outrageously inventive children's author today to visit.

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