Sunday, March 04, 2007


39th post

"If I'm not back in an hour, it means I've made another huge mistake!" has finally released the gallery of the entries for their latest contest, including yours truly's "Touring in Tokyo" pic. Wish me luck and check out the other competitors!
My bologna has a first name.
Fawned over! Fawned over! So they all fawned over and one fell out...
Seeing stars? No, seeing Cars. And it'd be best for you if you don't let the lieutenant catch you.
The weasels are back and they're marching on the village. But when the lights are out, the polka will play!
Wakka wakka wakka. Wakka wakka wakka. Wakka wakka! Wakka wak. Wak wak, wakka wakka. Wakka!
I got 5 hits on this site from Chinese (!) locations last Monday. Naturally, I'm being random by calling your attention to this only now. Or am I getting a bit predictable in my randomness?... Nah, the RAG (Random Access Generator (pat. pend.)) is still going strong. Toodle-oo!

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Brigade", by Howard Blum ((c) 2001)

TODAY'S MOVIE: "March of the Penguins", from Bonne Pioche/National Geographic (2005)

WWWW2?: Bjorn Borg.

TODAY'S WEBSITE: Over a decade old, Randy Cassingham's syndicated column "This is True" has long been delighting readers with its recaps of the recently absurd. Now, you can use this site to subscribe to the weekly e-mail (which also features extraordinary headlines, an Important Recently Dead Guy, and its own version of "TODAY'S WEBSITE"), submit your own erratic errata, and much more.

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