Thursday, March 15, 2007



I'm stunned. has declared me to have tied along with Sergio--Sergio!--for the four-award Grand Prize in their Teen Titans art contest, for my "Doom Watch" masterpiece (last seen here in 3rd post as an Honorable Mention-getter in TGN's previous contest). I'm just absolutely flabbergasted. (Oh, and the runner-up is the one I think should have won along with me in the TGN contest.)
What else can I say? How about this: today G-d dropped his ice cube tray and there was hail, yea, hail all over the land; and it didst last for quite a while, and told the earth to paint white an inch thick. I am attempting to make thee laugh at that. If I'm coming off as somewhat less than perfectly understandable, so much the better.
Be coherent... I don't wanna... Buy my album... Use the sauna!

TODAY'S BOOK: "Mauve", by Simon Garfield ((c) 2000)

TODAY'S MOVIE: "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home", from Paramount (1986)

WWWW2?: Pete Townshend.

TODAY'S WEBSITE: The world's best-selling copyrighted book is now available for your perusal online. Check out the world's fastest furniture, the longest full-body burn, the biggest flower ever found, and more!

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