Monday, April 23, 2007


This is not the 4th of July

But it is still an Independence Day post anyway. To keep this from being too un-random, this isn't a post to celebrate #50, either.
The CIA case officer who pops up in the Marblethorpe suite has a brother named Doug and a wife whose maiden name was Master.
And here's a shoutout to Mr. Bernardo Santos, a.k.a. Bernardo_writer78, also formerly known as Fiat_Stilo_fan, Jiminy Cricket, bernardo2001, and various sundry other aliases, my best friend on the IMDb Message Boards (he's the one who appears as "Funchal, Madeira" on my Site Meter).
Oh, Mister Morori, say what'll we do?
Wakka wakka! Wakka wakka! Wakka? Wakka wakka. Wak wak wak, wakka wakka. Wakka, wakka wakka, wak wakka. Wak. Wak wakka wakka? Wak wak.
A sewer near my house that had recently been gushing like a brubbling brabbling book has finally (or at least temporarily) been dried up. This is good thing, as I am pretty certain that I saw a new life-form evolving there.

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Heart of the Order", by Thomas Boswell ((c) 1989)

Bernardo, Eric, and whoever the heck else actually reads this, take note: the other three regular end-of-post features (Today's Movie, Who Won World War II?, and Today's Website) are going on a hiatus. Whether this is a "Michael Jordan"-esque hiatus or a "Harper Lee"-esque hiatus, I am unsure.

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I just noticed that you wrote something about me. Thanks!

Also thank you for considering me your best friend on IMDb! Thanks a lot! :D

By the way, those 2 pictures of you are quite funny. On the second one your beird is big! That's you on your legendary weirdness :D
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