Thursday, May 17, 2007



So, I'm headed for a friend's house to pick up some papers. Dig?
My friend lives on Street X, House Number 5.
The "Street" is made of two driveways branching off from a different road.
I'm looking for Number 5. And I can't find Number 5.
I can find Number 9. Number 9 is at a 90-degree angle to a building labeled both Number 11 and Number 24.
Eventually I phone my friend and tell him to come downstairs. Where does he pop out from?
That's right, Number 9. Dig it!
So, to recap, one house is both 11 and 24, one house is 9 but is really 5--oh yeah, and at a 90-degree angle to both of them is a bunker marked (obviously) 11A.
How I love such perfectly obtained randomness.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Dave at Night", by Gail Carson Levine ((c) 1999)

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