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Some More Musings on Natural Phenomenae (Including Hair)

Up until yesterday, that's how I looked (the picture on the bottom). Now, with the advent of Lag Ba'Omer and the resumption of shaving duties, I'm back to looking normal (the picture on top), as seen in my Profile. (Yes, of course I'm normal, silly--it's the rest of the world that's nuts).
Anyway, yesterday also had some pretty freaky weather. It was the middle of a heatwave (normal) yet overcast (still pretty normal) and soon it began to rain (most definitely NOT normal). Eventually it stopped, but on my way home it was so windy all that it needed was for Ray Bolger to show up and start shouting "It's a twister!". It also began, annoyingly enough, to dripple (I've got a patent pending on this as well, for official inclusion to the dictionary). But eventually it all turned out okay. My only regrets are that this post isn't random enough.
So what else can I say? Oh, yeah: Eric has visited this blog 10 times in the last 10 days--dude, it's okay, I already know you're neurotic so you don't have to prove it to me--and Bernardo has now changed his IMDb username to "Commendatore-1", saying he really doesn't like his given name (not bad coming from a guy who used it in two of his most recent usernames), and thus almost reaching the number of times he's changed his signature.
If I've offended anyone, I have only this to say: Wakka Wakka!

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Gammage Cup", by Carol Kendall ((c) 1959)

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Hello, MetFanMac!

It's me, Bernardo, your IMDb friend! The same guy who had once the usernames "Jiminy Cricket", "Fiat_Stilo_fan", "Bernardo_writer78" and "Commendatore-1".

They deleted my account. I wasn't expecting that. I suspect that someone reported abuse against me. I have no idea why. That angered me, even more because I had so many reviews about movies which were detailed and completed and that gave me work to do.

I created a new account now, but I chose a different username for safety reasons, so that nobody recognizes me. I also didn't put any information about me for safety reasons.

I can't tell you by now what my new username is because someone might come here and see who I am. Unfortunately, at the moment my new account is pre-blocked and so I can't participate on foruns, send private messages and add users to my friends list.

I don't know how long will my new account be blocked. I asked that to the IMDb administrators and I'm waiting for their reply. If they unblock me, I'll send you a private message for you, telling what my new username is, as well as for the other IMDb friends of mine.

But please, don't tell anyone about this. I only want to tell to my IMDb friends and noone else, okay?

I will slowly rewrite my reviews as well, but not by now. Soon I'll do that.

But if they delete me this new account, I swear I will never write anything on IMDb neither create another account.
Gee, that's too bad, Bernie! (Do you mind if I call you Bernie? Of course you do. ;-P)
May you be reinstated in full... and may a certain anti-"Robin Hood" user go to Heck.
No, that's okay. You can call me Bernie if you want to. My father calls me that sometimes.

About the anti-"Robin Hood" user, you mean Taran_Wanderer? I don't think he was the one who reported abuse against me. I find that very unlikely.

I mean, why would he report abuse against me? He never does that to trolls and never puts them on ignore list, because they don't bother him. Even other who are NOT trolls (like you) but people who he has many feuds with, he doesn't do any of those things too because they don't bother him.

So I don't see why would he do that to me. Despite some "fights" we had, I was one of his friends on IMDb. He must be wondering about what happened to me.

I have no idea who reported abuse against me. The administrators don't say directly who did it and the reasons, so I guess I'll never know.

Another reason why I hated what happened is because I had a reasonable number of friends on IMDb.
No, no, I didn't mean he was the one who got you kicked off. I just like saying that. :-D
By the way, MetFanMac, have you ever considered writing a review at least for "Robin Hood"? It would be cool! Since you're a big fan of that movie, it would be great to see a review written by you :D

Speaking of Disney classics, did I tell you that, as a kid, I always used to dislike "Fantasia"? Back then I always felt it was nothing special and I always felt bored with it. However, now that I'm older and more mature, I'd like to give it a try. Perhaps I might like it better now. I'm trying to find it somewhere, but in my country certain movies are extremely and unbelievably difficult to find.

I'd also like to tell something about "Sleeping Beauty". Remember when I said that I didn't like it very much? Well, the thing is that the last time I saw it was probably 4 or 5 years ago, when I was still a teenager and had literally your current age. Back then I found it nothing special. But now I want to give it a new try. Like "Fantasia", I'm also trying to find this one as well. Perhaps I might like it more now.

On the other hand, I really don't care about "Pete's Dragon". That one is to forget! That one I'd probably dislike even more now than when I was younger.
Hello again!

I noticed that you wrote in your blog that now I changed my user name to "Commendatore-1". Well, to tell you the truth, now you can write in your blog that I'm no longer active on IMDb and I will not come back to IMDb anymore.

But let me tell you what happened now.

With the new account that I criated the day after, I wrote some reviews which were aproved. However, a few days later, I wrote some more which were not aproved. I waited 5 days and nothing... that was when I suspected that they would not put them online.

I mean, think about it: they never take more than 1 hour and a half to put reviews online and then they do this to me??

If they were going to do that to me, then why didn't they just do it right from the first reviews then??? I even wrote them asking why was it taking so long, but it was useless.

Not to mention that I wrote them twice asking when would they unblock my new account. I waited 2 weeks and they didn't reply me.

Yesterday I had one last idea. I deleted my new account and created another one, but this time with an e-mail which hadn't my name and I even invencted a personal name, so that they'd think I was a different person. But even that was a failure.

When I tried to post on boards and send private messages, it was still blocked. After that, I didn't even bothered writing more reviews, thinking that they wouldn't be aproved.

So I definitely gave up of IMDb - not because I wanted to, but because I was forced to that. I mean, what's the point of having an account if I can't even take advantage of that? I've had enough now!

I don't get it. Some users had no problem with their new accounts, despite their earlier ones have been deleted. Then why didn't the same happen to me?

Anyway, I also want to tell you that it was great to talk to you on IMDb and even to other IMDb users who were on my friends list, such as:

- 9LadiesDancing
- Asline012
- pirate_princess30
- lamborghini253
- LAsh100000
- Valeen_the_II
- Robogabriel
- thecuttyblacksaw
- peeaecee
- Weather_lord_7
- ExplorerDS6789
- vampireslayer_07

and even... Taran_Wanderer (despite some "fights")

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